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LoE² Argon Glass

How can LoE² Glass Glazing Technology make me more comfortable?
First, you need to understand what is meant by U-value and R-value, the primary terms the industry uses to describe the energy performance of windows.
U-VALUE is the rate at which heat flows through
a window from indoors to outdoors it heat loss.

R-VALUE is the thermal resistance of the glass to
that heat loss.
The higher the R-Value, the higher
the energy savings.

Comfort is related to indoor glass surface temperature. The closer the glass surface temperature is to normal room conditions (70°F), the more comfortable a person will feel. So both indoor glass surface temperature and personal comfort are dependent upon the U-Value of the glass.

Winter nighttime conditions with no sun shining on the window are considered worst case conditions for heat loss, so this situation is used as a benchmark for performance. The lower the U-Value, the higher the energy savings. LoE² GLASS IS BENEFICIAL BECAUSE IT PROVIDES HIGHER WINTER NIGHTIME GLASS TEMPERATURES. Add the fact that our LoE² GLASS INCREASES R-VALUE BY 96% and you have a window that is warmer both at the edges and across the entire glass area.

No matter where you live, superior LoE² energy efficiency can reduce your annual energy costs.
LoE² glass can help you save as much as $577 a year on energy costs.* The map below outlines the average potential savings possible in zones across the United States.
*Minimum Savings calculated by comparing standard wood or vinyl windows using clear insulating glass with wood or vinyl windows using insulating glass, LoE² coating and gas fill.

Maximum Savings calculated by comparing standard aluminum windows using single pane clear glazing with wood or vinyl windows using insulating glass units, LoE² coating and gas fill. Calculations based on average savings for a 2400 square foot home with 15% window to floor area ratio and average energy costs.

Information provided by Cardinal® IG. Analysis based on regression equations derived from Department of Energy-2.1E Building energy-use computer program.

Why LoE² Glass is the "clear choice."
  • Reflects the sun's rays in summer, reducing air conditioning costs.
  • Reflects existing heat back into room in winter, reducing heating costs
  • Lets in wanted, visible sunlight.
  • Blocks unwanted infrared and ultraviolet energy, protecting window treatments and home furnishings.
  • Provides superior clarity.
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